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Welcome to HumanaNatura — a revolutionary system for modern natural life.

HumanaNatura begins with the science and often overlooked lessons of flourishing life in nature, and advocates a health-centered, open-ended, and transformative new approach to the way we think about and pursue our modern lives.

The HumanaNatura system is based on the exploration of four integrated natural health techniques. And though our health techniques can lead to dramatic change over time, the HumanaNatura system is easy to understand and use. In fact, you can use HumanaNatura’s four techniques to transform your own health, fitness, and quality of life beginning today.

HumanaNatura’s health techniques guide and naturally accelerate us toward our waiting modern opportunity for transformed personal life through the attentive use of natural health science. HumanaNatura’s techniques also show how modern science can be applied more broadly to create optimally healthy, naturally fulfilling, and increasingly adaptive modes of collective life, in our time and for the future.

Whether you use the HumanaNatura system on your own or with the assistance of an experienced HumanaNatura practitioner, our four natural health techniques will help you to achieve greatly increased health awareness, new levels of personal fitness and well-being, and your breakthrough to a new, more vital, and more intentional state of life that we call progressive health-centered living.

HumanaNatura is a cooperative, not-for-profit organization and natural health science movement, supporting a global network of practitioner-advocates who use and promote the HumanaNatura system in communities around the world.

All of us who are part of HumanaNatura share in a common mission and essential new modern focus — advancing human life through the science and power of our natural health.

HumanaNatura’s programs and resources are free for personal and non-commercial use.

Our progressive approach to life and health

HumanaNatura offers two health science programs, introducing and providing step-by-step guidance in the use of the four techniques of our progressive natural health system.

HumanaNatura offers two health science programs, covering the four techniques of our natural health system.

First is HumanaNatura’s seven-part Personal Health Program. This comprehensive introduction to health-centered contemporary living outlines the HumanaNatura natural health system, challenges common thinking about our health and natural vitality, and introduces all four of HumanaNatura’s science-based health techniques. The program encourages new appreciation and the ongoing pursuit of our waiting modern potential for intentionally progressive and naturally health-seeking life.

Our second program is HumanaNatura’s innovative Community Health Program. This eight-part guide to collective or public health promotion addresses our modern need and opportunity for strong and deliberately progressive health and quality of life action in the larger social environments where our personal health and individual lives ultimately occur. The program is designed to train and assist HumanaNatura practitioner-advocates in the health-centered leadership of local communities and regional governments, and in the support of these efforts at the national and international level.

HumanaNatura’s two health science programs combine to examine, redefine, and transform our life and health potential in the modern age. Together, they show how revolutionary new well-being and quality of life are available to us all — through a new commitment to informed and enriching personal and collective action modeled on nature’s underlying method of health-seeking progressivity.

HumanaNatura’s comprehensive natural health programs are key elements of our worldwide work to promote health-centered modern life and revolutionary human development through health science education, community-based quality of life advocacy, and new social and governmental leadership. You can become a member of HumanaNatura anytime, and learn about health outreach opportunities in your area, via our Join Us page.

HumanaNatura’s four health techniques

The HumanaNatura health system encourages progressive health understanding and action via four transformative health science techniques. The four HumanaNatura techniques are: 1) Natural Eating, 2) Natural Exercise, 3) Natural Living, and 4) Natural Communities.

As suggested, HumanaNatura’s health techniques enable increased control of our individual lives by encouraging new and increasingly informed natural progressivity in our personal outlooks and choices. The techniques also allow us to act pragmatically on crucial collective health opportunities around us. Taken together, the four techniques set the stage for a revolutionary modern movement by individuals, communities, and our global society — to the now waiting, entirely natural, and unprecedented human state of intentionally health-centered living.

Importantly, you can begin to use the HumanaNatura system from any level of personal or community health and well-being. Whether you want to improve physical fitness, address symptoms of reduced well-being and emotional harmony, improve the vitality and strength of families and other relationships, or transform the quality of collective life through the power and often counterintuitive findings of modern health science, HumanaNatura’s progressive natural health system is ready to help.

Our science-based natural health programs, resources, and tools provide an essential new way of thinking about our health and well-being in all of these areas, as well as an ongoing and flexible process to promote new natural progressivity in our lives and larger community settings. HumanaNatura’s coordinating staff is also always just a click away via Contact Us, ready to respond to your questions and offer assistance in the use and promotion of our natural health system — in confidence and without cost or obligation.

Your own natural health revolution

As a next step, we encourage you to learn more about HumanaNatura’s revolutionary system for modern life and health, begin your own open-ended practice of progressive natural living, and become part of the growing global health and human development movement that is HumanaNatura today.

Once again, welcome to HumanaNatura. To learn more about our transformative natural health system and worldwide health advocacy work, click to About HumanaNatura.

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