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About HumanaNatura

The HumanaNatura natural health system was created by the writer and natural health advocate Mark Lundegren.

HumanaNatura is designed to help people understand and pursue our modern opportunity for revolutionary new well-being, fitness, and quality of life — through science-leveraging and renaturalized or health-seeking approaches to contemporary life.

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Natural Health

HumanaNatura — which translates loosely as the nature of people — offers two natural health programs. One is our wide-ranging Personal Health Program. It explains HumanaNatura’s core health principles and guides progressive individual health and quality of life improvement.

The second is our innovative Community Health Program. It provides a comprehensive framework for leading local communities and regional community networks toward greater collective health, well-being, and natural vitality, on an ongoing or open-ended basis.

In practice, each program proves essential to understanding our waiting potential today for powerful new natural health and quality of life — in both personal and more universal terms. Together, the programs work to steadily and naturally transform how, where, and why we live as modern people.

HumanaNatura’s Techniques & Key Practices

With the HumanaNatura approach, four science-based health techniques — Natural Eating, Natural Exercise, Natural Living, and Natural Communities — are combined to form a complete, transformative, and naturally open-ended system for increased health and quality of life.

As highlighted, all four techniques originate from and leverage modern natural health science. HumanaNatura’s use of science includes examining health and successful evolution across species, research into important natural health contributors from earlier human life, and modern investigations of the world’s healthiest people today — such as so-called Blue Zone research.

Here is a brief summary of HumanaNatura’s four natural health techniques:

#1: Natural Eating — is the first of the four transformative natural health techniques that comprise the HumanaNatura natural health system. In its essence, the technique helps us to understand and quickly prepare optimally nutritious and delicious (and thus self-reinforcing) meals — patterned on HumanaNatura’s OurPlate healthy eating model. Through Natural Eating, we encourage and improve both our immediate and lifelong health levels, and set the stage for sustained use of our other natural health techniques. Importantly, the technique of Natural Eating not only considers our personal health impacts, but also the ecological health effects of our modern eating patterns as well.

#2: Natural Exercise — after better informing, renaturalizing, and controlling our daily diet through Natural Eating, ensuring regular, optimal, and lifelong Natural Exercise is the second progressive technique in HumanaNatura health system. Like Natural Eating, the HumanaNatura technique of Natural Exercise is fairly flexible overall, and centered around a few essential science-based health principles. Overall, we encourage a core Natural Exercise practice of at least 30 minutes of sustained daily walking or hiking, combined with brief calisthenics routines 3–5 days per week.

#3: Natural Living — as we explore the foundational HumanaNatura techniques of Natural Eating and Natural Exercise, we prepare ourselves for more advanced opportunities for personal health, well-being, and quality of life waiting in the larger flow or process of our lives. These varied and ranging fabric-of-life opportunities — often for profound new natural health and vitality in our lives — are the focus of Natural Living, the third and most personal technique in HumanaNatura’s four-part natural health system. As its name suggests, Natural Living explores the health and vibrancy of our daily lives, including our dominant outlooks and values, our recurring choices and life patterns, our relationships with others, and our longer-term plans and goals.

#4: Natural Communities — though often underappreciated, community quality is a crucial and universal human health factor, in earlier life in nature and today. For this reason, the final, most advanced, and often most transformative of HumanaNatura’s four health techniques is Natural Communities. Overall, the technique asks us to consider the quality and natural health of both our immediate social environment and our dominant or recurring roles in it. Within the HumanaNatura system, work at an attentive and health-seeking community focus begins in our Personal Health Program, and then is more formally explored in our innovative Community Health Program.

Importantly, all four of HumanaNatura’s health techniques are set in a larger, enabling, and renaturalizing context — the seeking of progressive health-centered life — as well as a set of foundational practices and tools. For individuals, this includes the simple but essential HumanaNatura practice of creating, implementing, and advancing a personalized, self-challenging, health-seeking, and goal-rich Natural Life Plan.

The ongoing use of a Natural Life Plan is introduced and encouraged in the technique of Natural Living within our Personal Health Program. The technique employs a repeating seven-step planning and learning process, used to consider, observe, and progressively improve our personal goals, choices, and actions. This planning process, in turn, is guided by HumanaNatura’s science-derived and encapsulating Ten Dimensions of Natural Living.

As part of your ongoing use and advancement of a Natural Life Plan, HumanaNatura offers self-guided Natural Life Planning Worksheets and our Natural Health Assessment Tool to aid identification of and action on our top health and quality of life opportunities at any point in time.

In a similar way, and for identical reasons, the HumanaNatura technique of Natural Communities guides and encourages the practice of creating, maintaining, and advancing a Community Health Agenda in communities and social groups of all kinds and sizes.

This essential HumanaNatura practice is discussed at length in our Community Health Program, along with over 100 actionable community health enablers in twelve organizing categories, that promote progressive health, natural adaptiveness, and quality of life in our modern lives, groups, and larger environment.

Natural Health in Modern Life

A good way to quickly understand the HumanaNatura natural health system — including our foundational ideas and overall approach to promoting progressive health and encouraging natural modern life — is to consider the terms health and natural health, which are used in a variety of ways today (see Wikipedia Health and Naturopathy).

With crucial implications for our quality of life, these uses often misinterpret or obscure the true foundations and essential nature of all states of health, reflecting our still limited natural health awareness and greatly lowering our modern health potential.

For some people, natural health is thought of somewhat simply, as life favoring the use of natural or unadulterated compounds. In these cases, natural health promotion is often strictly (and crudely) understood as the avoidance of things not found in wild nature. This can include the foods we eat, personal care and home products, clothing, and even medical treatments. We might think of this view as natural absolutism.

In this view, there is often an accompanying sense that natural compounds, materials from nature, and natural or primitive impulses and lifestyle choices are broadly healthy for us and should be encouraged. While some hold and act on this definition quite stridently, most of us view such thinking with caution, and question it as an optimal approach to advancement of modern life and health.

Many of us of course think of our natural health more broadly, actively, and discerningly than in the case of more absolutist views. In this second and more common outlook, natural health promotion is seen as the intentional avoidance of harmful artificial materials and lifestyle choices, and the deliberate use of helpful natural compounds and practices to promote our health, well-being, and quality of life. This approach can include various methods encouraging our natural metabolism, providing relief from symptoms of compromised health through natural means, and mitigating unhealthy aspects of modern life through renaturalizing practices.

Since HumanaNatura advocates four specific renaturalizing health techniques, we generally view the potential effectiveness of such natural health practices as quite high and an essential domain for modern scientific inquiry and applied science. But this second conception of natural health, which we might think of as natural eclecticism, often suffers in important ways as well.

Many so-called natural health programs and therapies in our time are not scientifically-based, and can be patently indifferent to either scientific research or the practical effects of their proposals. Alternatively, natural health promotion in this category can take much of typical life today as given, and insufficiently probe and consider our potential for wholly new and naturally far healthier forms of modern life. For both reasons, and as with the first general sense of natural health, our modern health awareness and quality of life potential can remain greatly obscured and limited.

In theory and practice, HumanaNatura seeks to correct and overcome these less desirable and only partly science-leveraging conceptions of our natural health, and their resulting and often far from effective approaches to modern health and quality of life promotion.

We do this first by focusing on scientifically-based natural health principles and insisting that their application provide measurable and lasting changes to our health and quality of life. At the same time, we also use modern science to question and reconsider basic ideas about our natural health, and what it means to be naturally healthy, vital, and well. As we will discuss at length, HumanaNatura views this approach as natural progressivism.

A New Sense of Natural Health

As suggested, HumanaNatura’s definition of natural health differs substantially from the overly narrow or inadequately rigorous and probing ones we often encounter.

Reflecting its accuracy and the natural power of health itself, this new sense of our natural health quickly leads to essential new insights and practices that can greatly improve our lives, and the quality of our communities, public health programs, social policies, and global society overall.

Here is how HumanaNatura defines natural health and its essential features:

Natural health is a fundamental and essential quality of all successfully adapted life. It is a general preparedness for survival and further adaptation, notably amid and reflecting evolving life’s natural need to respond to environmental complexity, challenges, and uncertainty.

All instances of health can be seen as a dynamic condition of organic and ecological harmony, achieved through natural selection and other forms of progressive learning, that occurs in specific niches or spaces in an environment. Overall, any organism’s or ecosystem’s level of health, relative to its larger environment, will greatly and measurably determine its ability to survive, thrive, evolve, and naturally advance.

Evolving life naturally includes general, species, and situational health enablers or promoters, essential to vibrant functioning and thus viability over time in complex, varying, changing, and challenging natural environments. These health enablers can be systematically identified, cultivated, and increased through informed and progressive action, resulting in progressive states of health.

Whether conscious or not, health cultivation and progression can be seen as the essence of naturally advancing or ascending life.

We would encourage you to take a few minutes to consider this new, more complex, and perhaps unexpected definition of natural health for yourself. As you can see, it involves a sweeping, fundamental, and even revolutionary set of ideas — one emphasizing the assurance, and ultimately the progressive pursuit, of natural health as a central feature of all life.

In ways we will explore together, the definition leads to a new and powerful but entirely natural ascendency of health considerations in human life and endeavor — and a new imperative to steadily advance and progressively optimize our health, as the primary and natural means of sustained personal and collective well-being, quality of life, and modern natural flourishing.

If you would like to examine your own initial understanding of some of HumanaNatura’s key ideas about modern natural health promotion, you can take the HumanaNatura Health Quiz. The quiz takes just a minute or two, and its answers will acquaint you with several important HumanaNatura natural health principles. Simply click Health Quiz.

Revolution Via Progressive Steps

If you are new to HumanaNatura, or to modern evolutionary and health science, you may be wondering if HumanaNatura’s four natural health techniques can really transform your health and quality of life as we have suggested, and exactly how the HumanaNatura system works.

We’ve outlined HumanaNatura’s four health techniques already. But we would add that because most of us are apt to underestimate or live with a limited sense of the importance and power of our natural health, HumanaNatura’s natural health techniques and larger promotion of naturally adaptive and progressive functioning can prove unexpectedly transforming and life-changing, especially in our new modern settings.

People using our natural health techniques reliably experience dramatic changes in their physical health and fitness, significant improvements in their life and life satisfaction, new feelings of happiness and well-being, and a new sense of harmony and openness in their daily outlook and orientation toward others and the world more broadly. And over time, many using the HumanaNatura system report sustained higher quality of life, new and building growth and endeavors in their lives, and a renewed or revitalized sense of purpose, focus, and natural connection as well.

In practical terms, HumanaNatura’s natural health techniques and core health principles involve achieving a greater understanding of, and then alignment with, both our long-evolved human living patterns in nature and our many new modern opportunities to further increase our natural health, vitality, and progressivity, relative to earlier life.

As indicated before, these outcomes are achieved through a common iterative, stepping, or gradualist process of progressive health-centered living — of individual, community, and intercommunity life focused on ongoing learning, planning, and action that is health-seeking, pragmatic, and thus naturally adaptive and ascendant.

After the introductory and more foundational techniques of Natural Eating and Natural Exercise, work at conscious and continual health progressivity begins in earnest in the technique of Natural Living, via its focus on ongoing progressive planning and action, and continues into the technique of Natural Communities.

When sustained and adequately robust, this progressive and entirely natural focus on our health and healthy natural probing directly leads to the significant and even revolutionary changes to our health and quality of life that we have suggested are possible and waiting for us today. Given this, our four health techniques can be seen as serving primarily to guide, inform, and accelerate the process of health-seeking or progressive natural learning that is the vital core of all flourishing life, and the HumanaNatura system too.

Thus, beyond their immediate personal benefits, HumanaNatura’s health techniques and their significant health impacts are correctly understood as often owing more to their tendency to promote, increase, and sustain the essential natural health quality that is seeking, vibrant, and open-ended progressivity, the foundation of all steadily adapting and therefore naturally self-transforming life.

You may question whether HumanaNatura’s progressive and thus incremental process for natural health promotion can lead to transformative and enduring changes in your health and quality of life. In the end, you will of course only know by exploring the approach.

But we want to assure you that HumanaNatura’s health techniques, overarching emphasis on sustained progressivity or iterative or evolutionary learning, and natural focus on ongoing health discovery can reliably transform our health and quality of life, especially when used in a curious, open, and probing way.

Here are three important and entirely natural reasons the HumanaNatura approach is as effective as it is:

  • Compounding Action — a crucial reason is that continuous practical action in the direction of greater health, even if modest at any point in time, naturally becomes a compounding, synergistic, and exponentially increasing process. In the HumanaNatura system, health-centered change is used first to re-ground our health in powerful natural health enablers that are often lacking in our lives and communities today. But more critically, it then seeks to build on these enablers and our initial health gains in an accelerating or increasing manner. In this way, sustained health-seeking action rapidly leads to combining or compounding effects, and thus to surprising shifts in the quality, focus, and health of our lives and communities.

  • Continual Learning — a second reason that HumanaNatura’s progressive approach proves so powerful is that a strategy of persistent small steps allows for ongoing learning and adjustment, permitting our pursuit of greater health and quality of life to be constantly refined and improved, and thereby made far more efficient and effective over time.

  • Increasing Skill — a third reason the HumanaNatura approach works the way it does is that our emphasis on repeating pragmatic steps facilitates both rapid and increasingly skilled implementation of new health actions, twin conditions that are the most reliable ways to create lasting, satisfying, and ascending change in our health and quality of life.

Importantly, because HumanaNatura’s programs emphasize continual learning and action toward our open-ended natural health potential, the HumanaNatura system involves varying areas of focus at any point in time. For some of us, HumanaNatura is a diet and exercise program that helps us achieve our optimal body weight and much higher levels of physical fitness and physiological health.

For others, HumanaNatura is a source of guidance and support as we work to break free of limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors in our lives, and seek to live in new, more powerful, and more fulfilling ways. For still others, HumanaNatura is an ongoing conversation about health-centered life and natural adaptiveness in the modern world — a place where HumanaNatura practitioners and health advocates gather to explore and promote our many opportunities for healthier communities and more compelling and intelligent life in our time.

HumanaNatura’s Worldwide Community

HumanaNatura natural health practitioners live on every continent and come from most countries. We represent every race and are equally comprised of women and men. HumanaNatura practitioners and advocates are young and old, and every age between. We are a diverse community, and yet there are some common things about us too.

Most of us came to HumanaNatura during a search for greater health, well-being, and vitality in our lives. Many of us questioned the values and priorities implicit in daily life around us, in communities and cultures around the world, which often seem to limit and even actively undermine our health, happiness, and quality of life.

As a practitioner-advocate community dedicated to health-centered and thus more cooperative approaches to modern life, HumanaNatura members work to support one another in our pursuit and advocacy of new health and well-being. And we share our ideas about life-transforming opportunities available to us all through new health awareness, and the progressive exploration of natural human life and modern natural life.

We encourage you to begin using the HumanaNatura natural health system today, and to Contact Us or Ask Questions whenever you have issues you want to discuss. Our support staff is always available if you need program support or guidance, or if you simply want someone to speak with in confidence as you consider the many ideas and challenges that naturally surface as we pursue health-seeking change in our lives.

We also would enjoy welcoming you as the newest member of our global practitioner-advocate community and health science movement, at whatever stage you are on the path to greater natural health and well-being. To become a HumanaNatura member, simply subscribe to our NaturaLife community news channel.

To learn more about HumanaNatura’s core ideas and practices, and our four natural health techniques, click to our Personal Health Program or Community Health Program.

From all of us at HumanaNatura, we wish you new natural life and health!

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