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Natural Health Self-Assessment

Welcome to HumanaNatura’s Natural Health Assessment tool.

Our assessment tool is designed to give you immediate, personalized, and useful feedback across fifty natural health attributes, each drawn from HumanaNatura’s comprehensive Personal Health Program.

HumanaNatura’s assessment tool will automatically create an individualized 30-day natural health program for you, with three prioritized areas for personal focus, all of which you can save or print for future reference. Before beginning your personalized natural health program, we ask that you consult with your physician to validate that these focus areas are correct for you at this time.

You can update your HumanaNatura Natural Health Assessment and individualized natural health program as often as you like. This can be important as you make progress toward new natural health over time and your responses to the questions change. You may also find our Natural Health Assessment tool useful in the development or updating of a Natural Life Plan.

To complete a HumanaNatura Natural Health Assessment and receive a personalized natural health program, simply answer each of the questions below, and then click the submit button to see and save or print your assessment results and 30-day action plan.

Please note that your individual assessment responses and 30-day health program will be private and your identity is not recorded by HumanaNatura. We do reserve the right to collect aggregated assessment responses for our use in analyzing general health trends and improving our natural health programs.

Please feel free to contact us any time with questions about our Natural Health Assessment tool.

HumanaNatura Health Assessment

  1. I am not safe and am at significant risk of violent attack.

  2. I am at risk of serious physical injury or face a threat to my physical health, either at work or elsewhere.

  3. I am at significant risk of receiving a sexually-transmitted disease, including HIV.

  4. I suffer from one or more chronic diseases, or am at risk of contracting a life-threatening illness.

  5. I can walk up a flight of stairs without becoming out of breath.

  6. I experience symptoms of compromised health, including low or highly variable energy levels, aches or pains, dizziness or lightheadedness, skin rashes or allergies, tremors or shaking, memory loss, or other symptoms.

  7. I regularly use recreational drugs, including alcohol or tobacco.

  8. I am often angry and have trouble controlling my feelings.

  9. I regularly feel under intense and uncomfortable stress or pressure.

  10. I occasionally use recreational drugs, including alcohol or tobacco.

  11. My body weight is about normal for my age and height.

  12. My diet is at least 95% consistent with HumanaNatura's natural diet program.

  13. I am in control of my life and have the power to make changes.

  14. I overdo it and indulge in unhealthy behaviors almost everyday.

  15. I occasionally overdo it or frequently indulge in unhealthy behaviors during weekends or days when I am not working..

  16. I walk or hike at least 30 minutes a day.

  17. I frequently walk near heavy vehicular traffic.

  18. I add hills or wind sprints to my walks periodically, or engage in other moderately aerobic activities.

  19. I have financial pressures and struggle to make ends meet.

  20. I have friends and family members around me.

  21. My social network is very health oriented.

  22. I have a partner and enjoy our relationship.

  23. I am in direct sunlight between 30 and 60 minutes each day, and take care never to get a sunburn.

  24. I am often around loud noise.

  25. The air and water where I am is clean and healthy.

  26. I have access to high-quality food.

  27. I do HumanaNatura's core calisthenics work-out, or an equivalent exercise program, at least five times a week.

  28. I walk or hike at least 60 minutes a day or sometime take long walks or hikes of several hours.

  29. I do HumanaNatura's core calisthenics work-out or an equivalent exercise program, at least five times a week, and regularly add or am working to add some or all of the intermediate and advanced exercises.

  30. I have been in natural wilderness in the last 30 days.

  31. I enjoy my job.

  32. I feel stagnant and do not have enough growth in my life, or have unclear goals in my life.

  33. I have enough time to do the things I really want to do with my life.

  34. I do not get enough vacation time and rarely travel.

  35. Because of my work or lifestyle, I am constantly traveling.

  36. I am mostly focused on the future.

  37. I am mostly focused on the present.

  38. I have a lot of possessions.

  39. I live in a city or suburb, and do not have enough contact with wild nature.

  40. I have challenging life activities outside of my work that I enjoy.

  41. I am alone periodically and enjoy this time.

  42. I spend more than half of my time alone.

  43. I often overdo it and indulge in unhealthy behaviors during holidays.

  44. I have opportunities through work, family, or activities to engage in teamwork and cooperative projects.

  45. I have children near me and enjoy our relationship.

  46. I live near wild nature, or otherwise have a good deal of contact with wild nature.

  47. I love where I live.

  48. I live in a climate that encourages me to be active year round.

  49. I work or volunteer to promote health and human development.

  50. I enjoy my life.

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