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Community Leaders Program

HumanaNatura’s seeks community health activists to lead health promotion activities in communities of all sizes around the world.

Our innovative Community Leaders Program provides a comprehensive community health promotion framework and ongoing mentoring for aspiring community health activists and leaders.

Requirements for our Community Leaders Program are:

  1. Commitment to a specific community and at least 10 hours of public health promotion activities within it each month
  2. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others
  3. Familiarity with the HumanaNatura natural health system

Experience in political advocacy and health policy is a plus, but is not required for participation in our Community Leaders Program.

In the program, HumanaNatura uses our comprehensive Community Health Program as a foundational but flexible framework for progressive community health promotion, and provides ongoing guidance and support during implementation and use of the program in a community.

Work within our Community Leaders Program is on a volunteer and self-directed basis, but can lead to career opportunities in community leadership and public health promotion, and provide beneficial public visibility for program participants.

Our goal for our Community Leaders Program is to create a global network of public leaders promoting health in communities and regions around the world, as well as the rise of health-based social advocacy as an alternative to traditional political agendas.

If you are interested in becoming a community leader and making a difference in your community, you can learn more about our Community Leaders Program via Contact Us.

Thank you for your interest in HumanaNatura’s Community Leaders Program.

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