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Community Health Program

Welcome to the HumanaNatura Community Health Program.

Our Community Health Program is designed to help HumanaNatura practitioners, community leaders and activists, and public health professionals assess and improve health conditions in local communities and regional community networks around the world. The program is offered free for personal and not-for-profit use.

HumanaNatura’s Community Health Program provides a systematic, holistic, progressive, and open-ended framework for promoting collective health – and thus for employing the fourth HumanaNatura health technique of Natural Communities – on a community-wide and inter-community basis. As you will see, the program complements and builds upon our transformative and foundational Personal Health Program.

Community Health Program  
Community Health
Program PDF
Health Program Summary  

In keeping with our overview of the HumanaNatura system in About Us, the Community Health Program employs and strongly encourages ongoing use of a Community Health Agenda to focus, guide, and accelerate community health, vitality, and quality of life efforts.

HumanaNatura offers two downloadable files related to our Community Health Program:

  • Program Guide – our complete Community Health Program, including its exploration of HumanaNatura’s twelve community natural health techniques, an overview of common modern public health practices, and detailed discussions our five-step community planning process

  • Assessment Worksheet – containing more than 100 science-based community health factors and intended to help you assess current community health levels, foster new community health awareness, and prioritize and build consensus for high-priority health actions

To view, download, or print these materials, please click on the corresponding HumanaNatura icons on this page. The guide will open as a .pdf file and the worksheet as a .xls file. Please note that these HumanaNatura materials are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. Please see our Terms of Use.

HumanaNatura hereby grants permission to download or print the program guide and assessment worksheet for personal, non-commercial use – limit one copy per household or organization per year for people who are not HumanaNatura members and ten copies per year for HumanaNatura members. You can become a HumanaNatura member simply by subscribing to our NaturaLife community news channel.

Please contact HumanaNatura if you wish to have publishing or usage rights above these levels. You can reach us anytime via Contact Us.

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