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HumanaNatura is a whole defined by the ongoing contributions of our members and supporters.

Mark Lundegren
HumanaNatura Founder

Whether you are a HumanaNatura member or visitor, we would ask you to consider the many ways you can contribute to our efforts toward improved health and well-being in the world today. This can mean contributing to HumanaNatura financially or in other ways.

As we achieve new levels of natural health and quality of life through the HumanaNatura system, we increase not only the quality and vitality of our lives, but also our power to create positive change in the world around us. Outreach to others in the spirit of progressive health is a critical step in the HumanaNatura approach, completing our transformation to true health-centered life and helping to create a more progressive and sustainable global society.

As you take this important step in your natural health practice, here are four important ways you can contribute to HumanaNatura’s worldwide health education and advocacy efforts:

  • Tell a Friend — person-to-person referrals are HumanaNatura’s largest source of new members and growth around the world. Referring others to HumanaNatura is the easiest and most direct way you can support our important work. Consider a personal “Friend-A-Month” commitment, bringing at least one new health-oriented friend to HumanaNatura each month. With this small investment of your time, you begin the essential work of health-promoting outreach to others, improve the quality of your immediate social network, and help to build a larger and stronger HumanaNatura network for us all.

  • Send an Article — new articles for our website and NaturaLife community news channel increase the depth and richness of HumanaNatura’s voice and expand our community’s perspective and awareness. Practitioner articles tell our personal stories and address issues we all face in our progress to new levels of health and quality of life. Articles also bring inspiration and fresh ideas to others, and benefit both long-time HumanaNatura members and new visitors. If you have stories to tell, perspectives to share, or new ideas you want feedback on or help with, please share them with the community. To submit an article or idea, or to learn more about writing for HumanaNatura, please go to our Submit An Article page.

  • Advocate & Educate — if you have been changed through HumanaNatura’s natural health system, please don’t take your new levels of personal health and quality of life for granted or overlook their important social dimensions. As we achieve healthier and more vital forms of life, it’s easy to become accustomed to the new lives and well-being we enjoy each day, and to forget the less energized and health-aware ways we once may have lived. We encourage all our members to begin each day in the full spirit of our natural health and employing the critical HumanaNatura technique of Natural Communities — by working creatively and compassionately to inspire others toward new health and well-being, wherever and however we can.

  • Send a Contribution — modern technology makes possible the global online connections and information-sharing that supports HumanaNatura’s health science education and advocacy efforts. This technology transforms our ability to reach people and communities around the world, and greatly reduces our operating and coordination costs, but maintaining HumanaNatura’s programs and tools is not free. Please help to fund HumanaNatura, and help us reach financial self-sufficiency, via annual financial contributions to HumanaNatura at one of the following levels:

    • Contributing Member — financial contribution of any amount
    • Supporting Member — annual contribution of $50 or more
    • Sponsoring Member— annual contribution of $100 or more
    • Leadership Circle — annual contribution of $250 or more
    • Founder’s Circle — annual contribution of $500 or more

In exchange for your contribution, HumanaNatura will send of certificate acknowledging your special status within our global health advocacy network.

Please note that HumanaNatura is a registered and approved non-profit educational organization under U.S. statute 501c3, making contributions to HumanaNatura tax-deductible in the United States and many jurisdictions.

In whatever ways you can contribute to improved health and well-being in the world, we encourage and thank you.

> Contribute Online

You can make a financial contribution to HumanaNatura online, using a credit card and the worldwide PayPal system. Simply click the link below to access and contribute via PayPal:


> Contribute By Mail

You can contribute financially to HumanaNatura by mail or electronic check as well. Please contact HumanaNatura through Contact Us for our secure mailing address.

> Endowments & Estate Planning

In addition to annual financial contributions, we also encourage and greatly value endowment bequests to HumanaNatura and including HumanaNatura in your estate planning. Please contact HumanaNatura with any questions you have on this important source of financial support for our health science education and advocacy work. You can reach us anytime through Contact Us.

> Public Inspection Of Records

As a private, tax-exempt charitable foundation, HumanaNatura makes available its annual U.S. Internal Revenue Service filings and tax-exemption application. Please use Contact Us for more information.

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