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HumanaNatura's Seventh Edition A Substantial Step Forward In HumanaNatura's Online Health Programs
Mark Lundegren © 2017

Walking Versus Running The Optimality of Different Exercises Depends In Part On Our Goals
Mark Lundegren © 2016

Natural Truth: Optimizing Oils & Fats Exploring Our Natural Need For Care With Oils & Fats in Our Diet
Mark Lundegren © 2016

Natural Truth: Vegetarian Ecology Comparing the Ecological Impacts of Modern Diets and Their Supporting Food Systems
Mark Lundegren © 2016

A Four-Minute Workout! High Intensity Interval Training Can Produce Exceptional Results In A Small Amount Of Time
Kurt Boyd © 2015

Food Ecology: Earth, Wind & Fire Optimal Nutrition Is Both Healthy For Us And Our Planet
Mark Lundegren © 2014

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