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Personal Health Program

Welcome to the HumanaNatura Personal Health Program.

HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program is designed to help you explore the science and power of modern natural life, and achieve progressive new personal health, fitness, and well-being, now and throughout your life. The program is offered free for personal and not-for-profit use.

As you will see, the HumanaNatura Personal Health Program covers all four of our natural health techniques – Natural Eating, Natural Exercise, Natural Living, and Natural Communities – which together form our comprehensive, science-based natural health system.

In keeping with our overview of the HumanaNatura system in About Us, the Personal Health Program strongly emphasizes and encourages ongoing use of a Natural Life Plan to focus, guide, and personalize our individual health, vitality, and quality of life efforts. Discussion and use of HumanaNatura’s planning process begins in the Natural Living section of the program.

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Overall, HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program is intended to be a comprehensive, adaptable, transformative, and naturally open-ended personal health resource. It is also designed to complement and serve as a foundation for our innovative Community Health Program.

HumanaNatura offers three downloadable files related to our Personal Health Program:

  • Program summary – a one-page snapshot of our four techniques and overall natural health system, for people who want to learn more about HumanaNatura

  • Program overview – a short slideshow introduction to the HumanaNatura system, intended for people seeking to better understand our four natural health techniques, and for use by HumanaNatura practitioners in discussions with individuals and presentations to groups

  • Program guide – our complete Personal Health Program, including its detailed “how-to” discussions of HumanaNatura’s four natural health techniques and foundational explorations of the science and natural health principles underlying the HumanaNatura system

To view, download, or print these materials, please click on the corresponding HumanaNatura icons on this page. Each will open a .pdf version of the resource you are interested in.

Please note that these HumanaNatura materials are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. Please see our Terms of Use.

HumanaNatura hereby grants permission to download or print the program overview and guide for personal, non-commercial use – limit one copy per household or organization per year for people who are not HumanaNatura members and ten copies per year for HumanaNatura members. You can become a HumanaNatura member simply by subscribing to our NaturaLife community news channel.

HumanaNatura also grants permission to download or print the one-page summary for personal, non-commercial use, limit one hundred copies per person, household, or organization per year.

Please contact HumanaNatura if you wish to have publishing or usage rights above these levels. You can reach us anytime via Contact Us.

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