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Mark Lundegren
HumanaNatura Founder

Your membership in HumanaNatura is confidential, and always without cost or obligation. Membership in the HumanaNatura community is important too — for our worldwide health promotion efforts, and perhaps for you personally as well.

Membership in our practitioner-advocate network can help to place your health and quality of life aspirations in a larger and empowering context. HumanaNatura membership directly links your individual health efforts to work by others around the world transforming lives, communities, and our global society.

HumanaNatura membership also includes a number of practical benefits you can access and leverage, now and over time. These benefits include:

  • Information — HumanaNatura members receive and can contribute to posts on our online community and natural health news channel, NaturaLife, which serves as our principal forum for information and idea-sharing within and beyond the HumanaNatura community. NaturaLife includes motivating and informative posts and news from the community, summaries of emerging health research, and updates on changes and developments in HumanaNatura’s natural health programs and resources. As with membership in the HumanaNatura community, subscriptions to NaturaLife are free and without obligation.

  • Input & Support — as a HumanaNatura member, you can help to shape and influence the development and direction of our worldwide natural health community, including its outreach and quality of life advocacy efforts, and also can receive assistance, advice, and support from other HumanaNatura members in return. In addition, HumanaNatura members can reach HumanaNatura’s coordinating staff anytime for help with questions, issues, ideas, and advocacy opportunities.

  • Professional Opportunities — HumanaNatura members gain access to important professional opportunities in the health promotion, community development, and public leadership fields. These include the ability to credential as a HumanaNatura Certified Health Practitioner, guided training and development as a community leader or health activist via our Community Leaders Program, and opportunities in health promotion and wellness center management through HumanaNatura’s Health Alliance Network. Information on these important professional opportunities are provided on our website and can be accessed by the above links.

  • Advocacy & Outreach — HumanaNatura membership immediately makes you part of our growing worldwide health science movement — encouraging greater natural health awareness, progressive health-centered living, more vital and sustainable communities, and new public policies that put health and well-being first. Membership in HumanaNatura and promotion of our natural health principles offer a powerful means to drive action on the world’s most urgent social issues and quality of life opportunities. As a member of HumanaNatura, your voice and efforts can join with others to be heard and felt in government policy discussions, the media, and the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

For all these reasons, we hope you will become part of the HumanaNatura community today, and look forward to having you as the newest member of our worldwide practitioner-advocate network and health science movement.

Again, to join the HumanaNatura community, simply subscribe to HumanaNatura’s NaturaLife community news channel via Join HumanaNatura.

Please note that all community member information will be treated as private and will not be shared without your permission. Click here to view our privacy statement.

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