A Note From Mark Lundegren  

I’m glad you’ve found HumanaNatura and hope your introduction to our natural health programs will begin an important new part of your life. Perhaps you know a HumanaNatura practitioner already and this is your second encounter with us. In any case, welcome.

Mark Lundegren
HumanaNatura Founder

HumanaNatura grew out of my personal exploration of the science of our natural health and well-being. This quest began with the loss of a parent at a young age, and was fueled by my ongoing sense that much of modern life was out of harmony with nature and essential natural principles.

My own natural health quest led me to examine and re-consider many aspects of modern life, including our relationship to and outlook on the natural world, and both our dominant and alternative ideas about how health, happiness, and quality of life are best achieved. In this extended time of learning and experimentation, my overall health, sense of well-being, and quality of life gradually changed and eventually greatly improved.

To organize and share my natural health lessons, I created HumanaNatura and developed our initial Personal Health Program in 2002. My goal then was to create a simple but comprehensive resource for people seeking to better understand nature and its essential health lessons, achieve greater personal health and fitness, and even realize basic breakthroughs in their vitality and quality of life — all through the powerful modern gateway that is the science of our natural health.

Since then, HumanaNatura’s health programs have evolved and expanded. Key changes include the refinement of our recommended practices within the Personal Health Program, and the creation of our Community Health Program. In this time, HumanaNatura has also grown to form a dynamic network of natural health practitioners and advocates around the world — many wonderful and passionate people, sharing a new understanding of modern natural health science, and seeking to advance health levels in our communities and global society.

Humana means human. Natura is nature. HumanaNatura uses natural health science to inspire and guide each of us toward progressively healthier, more vital, more natural, more humane, and higher quality life. Our natural health system reliably leads us to new outlooks and transformative changes in our health and quality of life, reflecting the power of science to better inform and even liberate modern life today.

Let me close this note by encouraging you to attentively consider HumanaNatura’s ideas about nature, health, human development, and society today. Many of our proposals may prove counterintuitive or uncertain at first, and even may be contrary to what you believe. We all live in an unprecedented and rapidly-changing world, with many competing ideas about our individual and collective opportunities for health and happiness. It is easy to live with untested or less than optimal ideas, or resigned to the view that essential health principles are impossible to know or reliably apply amid modern life.

As you will explore in HumanaNatura’s programs, our eclectic modern world is one where we have traveled far from our powerful natural sources of vitality and health, and where we no longer have direct access to or benefit from them in our daily experience. At the same time, ours is a world where the progressive discoveries of modern science, and even the critical scientific and natural practice of progressivity itself, have not yet been integrated into our lives and society with sufficient depth and force.

For all these reasons, and because new and revitalized life really does wait for you in the science and pursuit of your natural health and well-being, I hope you will approach HumanaNatura with curiosity and openness — to new ideas and to the potential for revolutionary change in your life and surroundings.

Like many others, including me, you may soon find that the natural health principles within the HumanaNatura system and our four health techniques do in fact lead to new, more advanced, more natural, and more vibrant life — in our time and perhaps across all of time.

Wishing you new health,


Mark Lundegren