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Natural Ways To Fight Seasonal Allergies
Ten Ideas To Reduce The Impact Of Seasonal Pollen And Mold Allergies

By Swati Agar © 2006

Each year, the spring season brings with it weeks or even months of allergy troubles to millions of people across globe, including myself.

Being a strong believer in treating my allergies naturally and without taking medications unless I really have to, I've researched natural methods of controlling allergies.

Below are some great ways I have found to fight allergies naturally and without medication:

1.    Natural Anti-Histamine Foods: Onions, garlic and citrus fruits like lemon and oranges contain natural antihistamines. Many people report allergy relief by increasing the amount of these foods in their diet.

2.    Air Purifiers: The most effective non-medical anti-allergy strategy for many people is using air purification machines. Some air purifiers have an additional 'ionic' feature that provides a higher level of filtration. HEPA compatible filters take out most of the pollen from air around you. Dehumidifiers can be used to reduce mold spore levels, another cause of seasonal allergies.

3.    Local Honey: Many people report relief by eating 1-2 teaspoons of locally grown natural honey each day before the allergy season starts. Since honey contains low levels of pollen, taking it before the allergy season may help your body adjust to the presence of pollen before the season strikes.

4.    Nasal Rinse: A very effective way to reduce allergy symptoms is to rinse pollen (and bacteria) lodged in the nasal passages with nasal rinses. There are quite a few varieties available. The best include PH balancing salt to mix with filtered or boiled home water, reducing the potential for water irritation that can occur with plain water.

5.    Pollen Free Home: Allergy sufferers should thoroughly clean their carpets, bed sheets, floors and curtains at least once a week during allergy season. Consider a Hepa certified vacuum cleaner so the air coming out from your vacuum cleaner does not dump the pollen back in the air of your home.

6.    Hot Liquids: Herbal teas can provide relief from congestion and may contain natural antioxidants, provide further allergy relief. Please always be careful while handling hot liquids, especially when you are not feeling your best because of allergies.

7.    Avoid Foods: Become aware of and avoid any specific foods that you are allergic to or that may trigger allergies.  This can include glutinous grains and many other unnatural human foods.

8.    Avoid The Outdoors: Go to websites like for up-to-date information on pollen levels, and adjust your outdoor activity levels accordingly. These sites are also good for finding allergy information and useful equipment, such as pollen masks for outdoor work when pollen counts are high.

9.    Evening Shower: When you come home in the evening during allergy season, take a warm shower and wash your hair. Our hair and skin can hold a great deal of pollen, which can aggravate our allergy symptoms while we sleep.

10. Window Filters: As an alternative to keeping doors and windows closed during allergy season, consider buying anti-pollen window filter screens. These are simple screens you can put in a window to allow air to pass through while keeping pollen and spores out.

Many people get significant allergy relief from these and other natural methods. If your symptoms persist, please see your physician.

Wishing you relief from your allergy symptoms.


Swati Agar is a writer and editor of the information website




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