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Would you like to view or download a complete guide to HumanaNatura’s calisthenics program? How about a high-quality workout poster containing all of the HumanaNatura calisthenics exercises?

HumanaNatura offers free versions of both of these materials through the clickable calisthenics guide and workout poster icons on this page. Each icon will open a .pdf version of the material you are interested in.

The calisthenics guide and workout poster make it easy to review the calisthenics instruction or photos before and while you exercise. The workout poster is suitable for mounting on a wall, and both the poster and guide can make great gifts too.

Please note that the HumanaNatura guide and workout poster are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. HumanaNatura hereby grants permission to reproduce both the guide and poster for personal, non-commercial use, limit one copy per household per year for non-members and ten copies per year for members. To become a HumanaNatura member, simply subscribe to our NaturaLife community news channel.

Please contact HumanaNatura if you wish to have publishing rights above this level.

If you would like a professional-quality version of our calisthenics workout poster, we offer these in several sizes for purchase at our HumanaNatura Marketplace store.

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